1. Who We Are

1.1 Overview

The “Critical Global Health Science Consortium” is established to promote inter-dependent academic collaboration in the Global South that re-centers marginalized scholars into the heart of the global health community. We recognize that in the past, many global north-south partnerships have been marked by imbalances of power and knowledge, and have not always resulted in meaningful and mutual benefits for all partners. We are committed to avoiding these pitfalls, and to working in a way that is transparent, accountable, and responsive to the needs and priorities of our global south partners.

Our partnership aims to harness the power of academic research and education to address pressing global challenges and promote academic solidarity in global health research and practice. We believe this can be achieved through a mutual process of knowledge co-production and exchange, and knowledge-based advocacy in global south, which take a critical, comprehensive, and people-centered approach to the causes and effects of the contemporary global health crisis. We believe that by working together, we can co-create solutions that are innovative, equitable, and sustainable.

The consortium brings together a diverse, international group of scholars and practitioners crossing various academic disciplines, geopolitical, and social boundaries, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds in the contemporary global health economy. We most value inclusivity, equal partnerships, mutual respect, and a balance of power and decision-making. Our partnership is committed to promoting academic collaboration and exchange that is equitable and respectful, and that recognizes and values the diversity of knowledge, expertise, and experiences of all partners. We believe that such collaboration is essential for advancing global health and sustainable development, and for creating a more just and equitable world.